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  • 野草工作室一直在用心建站
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    MY32 Series
    MY0 Series
    MY76 Series
    MY160P, MY200P Series
    MY51 Series
    MYL850, MYL1060,
    MYL1270 Series
  Add: No. 7, Guofeng Ave., High-tech Industrial
Development Zone Cangzhou City,
Hebei Province 061000, P.R. China
E-mai: info@minyo-machinery.com
Tel: 0086-317-5566000

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Cangzhou Minyo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Taiwan investor, registered capital US$ 10 million, which covers area of 35 Mu, and more than 30,000 m² of workshop and office area. We mainly produce CNC lathe (horizontal & vertical) and CNC machining center.
Minyo locates in the North China Plain, a new industrial city, Cangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is in the southeast of Beijing one hour economic circle, which has been formed in an new industrial cluster including auto mould, pipe fittings and valves, casting, lathe accessories, lathe, chemical and oil industry etc. Relying on radiation and promotion of megacity, Beijing and Tianjin, Cangzhou is developing in ultra-high speed.
At present, we manufacture below 5 series products.
1. Flat bed, triangular slant saddle series CNC lathe, such as MY20, MY25, MY35, etc.
2. Slant bed, smooth saddle series CNC lathe, such as MY3250-1, MY3265, MY3280, etc.
3. Slant bed, gang tool series CNC lathe, such as MY160P, MY200P etc.
4. Vertical CNC lathe, such as MY513, MY514, MY516, etc.
5. Vertical CNC machining center, such as MYL850, MYL1060, etc.
To satisfy requirement of different customers, Minyo is ready to research and develop truss robot, joint robot and multifunctional composite CNC machine (such as compositing CNC lathe and machining center together to instead of processing function of production line).
The advantage of multifunctional composite machine is saving manpower and space, shortening productive process, with high positioning accuracy, etc. It should be a new developing trend.
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