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CNC turning-milling complex machine

TMY Series

 The machine features
1.The series of bed adopts the overall inclined bed, aging treatment, stable structure and high rigidity.
2.The use of smooth saddle, linear rail, and hydraulic servo turret enables the machine tool to move quickly, with high machining accuracy, good rigidity, smooth pin arrangement, high reliability, and good versatility.
3.The series uses integrated welding external protection and mobile internal protection, which greatly improves the overall stability of the sheet metal and bed.It effectively prevents impurities such as iron chips and cutting fluids from entering the screw guide, increasing the service life of components.
4.The Y-axis power turret adopts Taiwan technology, with high rigidity, high positioning accuracy, fast tool change speed, and Y-axis brake function.
5.The tailstock structure can be optionally equipped with a Morse tip design, meeting the customer's requirements for heavy cutting.
6.The optional automatic chipper adopts an integrated design and streamlined styling for fast chipping.
Main shaft features:
1.The spindle adopts a high-torque, high-performance, higher-precision electric spindle with dual-row roller bearing design, which can maintain high-precision, high-rigidity long-term stability.
2.The spindle headstock is equipped with a dedicated cooling system, which effectively reduces the heat dissipation problem during use, maintains the bearing temperature within a reasonable range, and improves the service life and accuracy of the bearing.
Characteristics of Power Knife Tower:
1.High-rigid rigid rail structure, cutter tower and Y-axis integral structure.
2.The guide rail locking structure can ensure the best rigidity and facilitate the fixation of the cutter base. The best processing quality can be achieved during turning or milling.
3.Large stroke, both forward and reverse, BMT tool series
4.The Y-axis structure improves the machining range of the turning and milling composite, and the operation is simple. It can complete complex machining processes such as turning and milling, drilling, tapping, keyway, impeller, etc.

项目   Items  TMY35 TMY45
机床最大回转直径  Max. swing dia. over bed mm ø400 ø450
最大车削直径 Max. dia. for round plates mm ø200 ø300
主轴孔直径  Working capacity of bars mm ø36 ø56
最大车削长度  Max. cutting length  mm 280 380
机床定位精度  Positioning accuracy mm 0.01/100 0.01/100
机床重复定位精度  Re-positioning accuracy mm X: 0.0035 X: 0.0035
Z: 0.005 Z: 0.005
X轴最大行程  X-axis travel mm 230 280
Y轴最大行程  Y-axis travel mm ±50 ±70
Z轴最大行程  Z-axis travel mm 400 500
Z2轴最大行程  Z2-axis travel mm 550/760 500
导轨宽度X/Y/Z/Z2 X/Y/Z/Z2 mm 35/35/45/45 45
丝杠直径 X/Y/Z/Z2 mm 32/40/40/32 40
主轴头尺寸  Spindle nose mm A2-5 A2-5/6
标配卡盘型号  Standard chuck inch 8寸 8寸
主电机额定功率  Spindle motor power Kw 7.5/11 11/15
主轴最高转速 Spindle speed r/min  4500 4500
刀塔种类  Turret type 液压伺服 Hydraulic servo
刀塔中心高  Turret center height mm 125 185
刀塔刀位数  Tool capacity 8/12 12
外径车削刀杆尺寸  Size of OD turning bar mm 25 25
内径车削刀杆尺寸  Size of boring bar mm ø32 ø40
相邻刀位转刀时间 Transfer time for adjacent tool position S 0.5 0.6
副主轴行程  Sub-spindle travel mm 400 500
副主轴卡盘 Sub-spindle chuck Morse 6寸 6寸
副主轴头尺寸  Sub-spindle nose mm A2-5 A2-5
副主轴最高转速 Sub-spindle speed r/min  4500 4500
副主电机额定功率  Sub-spindle motor power Kw 5.5/7.5 7.5/11
冷却水泵功率  Cooling pump power Kw 0.55 0.55
冷却水泵流量  Cooling pump flowrate L/min 80 80
数控系统  CNC System 三菱 Mitsubishi/ 发那科 Fanuc/ 新代 SYNTEC/ 凯恩帝 KND
主轴驱动伺服单元  Servo unit of spindle driver Kw 7.5/11 11/15
总电源容量(连续加工时) Total power capacity Kw 27/32 32/38
机床长度  Length mm 2200 2700
机床宽度  Width mm 1950 2100
机床高度  Height mm 2000 2100
机床总重量  Total weight T 4.8 6.2

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